Datavideo TP-300 Camera

čítačka určená pre iOS a Android zariadenia, jednoduchá príprava textov, nastavenie farieb, typov a veľkostí písma. Automatický režim alebo možnosť ovládanie cez bluetooth bezdrôtový ovládač. Univerzálny adaptér vhodný pre upevnenie rôznych tabletov. Tablet nie je súčasťou.

Simple software and WR-500 universal bluetooth wireless remote allow users to produce professional results at low cost
Optional remote can be used wired or wireless
Available for use with Android and Apple tablets
Special 60/40 Glass allows the presenter to read the script and the camera to see the subject
Strong and rigid prompter frame fixes securely to any standard tripod quick release plate
The prompter frame is designed to allow stand alone, in front of camera or below lens prompting
The black camera snood/hood is adjustable to adapt for a wide variety of cameras
Quick and simple assembly that requires no special tooling
Flexible mounting bracket system allows simple but secure installation of tablet computer
Optional hard carrying case available - HC-300

Expandable Mounting Bracket Size (Tablet width):
Minimum: 110mm
Maximum: 210mm
(Apple iPad2™ width: approx 185mm, Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1) width: approx 175mm)

V balení:
1 x Prompter Frame
2 x Hex Tools to tighten Frame screws
1 x Metal 3/8" to 1/4" adaptor screw for tripod plate
1 x Mounting Bracket Screw
1 x Adjustable mounting bracket for tablet
1 x Glass Frame with matching Velcro straps
2 x Wing nut screws for securing the Glass Frame
1 x Cloth Camera Snood/Hood with Velcro straps
1 x 60/40 Glass sheet with Green and Red sticker
1 x Snood/Hood support wire
2 x Camera Riser Blocks
2 x 3mm Hex Block Screw long
2 x 2.5mm Hex Block Screw Short
1 x Camera Screw Long
1 x Camera Screw Short (with 2 washers and nut)
1 x Thank You Card